Does this video help you type yourself easily?

Does this video help you type yourself easily?

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This is a discussion on Does this video help you type yourself easily? within the What's my personality type? forums, part of the Personality Cafe category; After a lot of confusion and studying MBTI to find my type, I want to help others find theirs as ...

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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    Does this video help you type yourself easily?

    After a lot of confusion and studying MBTI to find my type, I want to help others find theirs as well.
    Although if you think it's not any easier or I have no idea what I'm talking about then please tell me so I can revise it.

    I hope I helped!

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    Unknown Personality

    Personally it didn't really make much sense to me. I consider them to more like this:
    S - Identifies relevant facts
    N - Considers all possibilities
    T - Analyzes the underlying issue
    F - Involves all parties
    Also, the I/E and P/J only really points to the dominant function.
    Oh and something I've noticed is that me (NF) has an easier time being cold-hearted and kinda joking around about things that my INTP friend get upset by (due to INTPs inferior Fe), so just because we prefer the F function doesn't make us all cuddly and passive.

    Might you check my thread about the functions?

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    It's a fun video which covers the basic stereotypes but I can see flaws throughout. The I vs E bit was good but later corrupted by the jumping on a stage idea - I'm pretty sure I speak for most Introverts when I say that would be scary be they J or P, I'd suggest it's more E/I (although there will be exceptions on both sides). If you were trying to suggest "no script but after hours of planning" then you're right, the J would probably plan more to get comfortable while the P would be more likely throw around ideas rather than actually planning, relying on improv when the time came. But again, it's not definite as everyone is different.

    S vs N was just wrong. Ne and Se are both present oriented functions while Ni is future and Si past. If you randomly "just know" something it's probably nothing to do with Ni much as it's glamorised, it's just as likely good memory whether you consciously remember or not. And experimental physics appeals to many NTs... If anything physics, being an impersonal area of study/work, is a T thing.

    Oh and I'm an F - constructive criticism is the only way I know. The closest I get to maintaining harmony is keeping my mouth shut when I can't think of something nice to say. My "personal traditions" have been learnt from my parents, they aren't warm and fuzzy so nor am I.

    People write huge books on this stuff for a reason - trying to sum it up in 5 minutes is far from an easy task

    *For the record I test pretty consistently as INTP*
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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    Hmm...alright thanks for the suggestions, they really help!!

    First, about the stage one, I wasn't trying to take into account the "be in front of lots of people" sort of factor, more like the "now come up with something on the spot"

    As for the future and past part, I said MAYBE on the past because, as an N, I often get lost in my memories and use them to plan for the future. I've heard other Ns do this too, but maybe it's an example of my inferior Si that I've misunderstood.

    Overall, I was using the methods that I used to type myself. Everything I said in the video is what I've read or carefully observed. Also the functions go perfectly with the individual letters in my case.


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