Can't type myself. Am i an INTP , ENTP or an INFP ?

Can't type myself. Am i an INTP , ENTP or an INFP ?

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This is a discussion on Can't type myself. Am i an INTP , ENTP or an INFP ? within the What's my personality type? forums, part of the Personality Cafe category; So i recently discovered MBTI , like 2 months ago , and i've read about cognitive functions and everything , ...

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    Can't type myself. Am i an INTP , ENTP or an INFP ?

    So i recently discovered MBTI , like 2 months ago , and i've read about cognitive functions and everything , and i still can't type myself.So when i found out about MBTI , hey I never planned on paying for this shit , so i did a few free online tests , like the one on 16 personalities and some others. I always test INTP. But as i read more and more about types , functions , and behaviour i got more confused. I do relate somewhat with INTP , but i do as well with ENTP. INFP , because i am an idealist existentialist who believes that life is all about finding distractions you enjoy the most and helping people along the way , making as many lives better as you can. I see so much wrong with the world , so many problems , so much that needs to be sorted , stuff people ususally turn a blind eye to chasing their advertisement fed bullshit. Now i feel really really bad when i see a poor kid , or someone hungry , deprived of the basic necessities. Idc about your breakup drama feels though , getting butthurt over petty stuff , who said what to hurt who's feelings, censoring myself to comfort your crybaby's illusion.... stop stop my head hurts! But i care about people who are deprived of the basic amenities in life , now that's hurtful , heart wrenching stuff. Moving on , i operate in short bursts of energy , procrastinate a lot , am the most obsessed and hardworking person for the two hours i'm interested in something, than back to being lazy. I loathe the idea of a 9 to 5. I'm not good with rules , don't listen to people's advices much, two ESFJ'S close to me annoy the hell outta me with their 'right' and 'wrong' conventional bs , religion is not my friend , i philosophise a lot , i have an entrepreneur in me who jumps out every once in a while , i experience moments where my thought train makes connections and leads to some good ideas but am too lazy to follow through by the next morning , or maybe since i thought about it so much i lost interest. I don't usually chat people up , but if i'm in the mood i might just take initiative and not shut up , idc how annoying i sound jumping from one thing to another. People intrigue me , i kinda wanna know them , and i try , but then if they say something ignorant or don't follow what i'm saying, 'sarcastic comment and adios' is what i would have done 2 years ago, now i just fake a little small talk(miserably) and run. I hate small talk , i can fake it if i have to , but not very well. I value my freedom more than anything else.Then , i actually think a lot more than i do , and usually just end up with 'want to do'. Now as a kid i was very reserved , enjoyed my studies and my video games and sport , wan't totally asocial but was not very social again, kinda awkward and that was it. And sometimes i might say idc what others think of me , but i kinda do , and i can easily create the image i want them to have of me. And everytime i talk my ideas to someone , i'm not listening to what they're saying , i'm just listening to myself and reananlyzing everything , maybe i do listen to a word or two, and if by chance they spew out some gem, i gladly add that to my thought train , and if they say something that makes more sense than what i had thought(provided i was listening, which only happens with those i deem worthy), i'm not stuck with my opinions, i kinda enjoy being proved wrong(doesn't happen very often though). And that being said , i can't go for very long without talking my thoughts out , i guess. So idk about the introversion or extroversion thing. And my sense of humor is , well i am just good with sarcasm. I posess an undying confidence , am a travel enthusiast (Ik not relevant but just cus , and mind you , i said enthusiast, and am just that), can't go on for long without music (again not really relevant but just cus) and am full of ideas. I don't care about the number of degrees you have, your status in soecity, your car, your position in the corporate ladder , that stuff doesn't impress me. What i care about is your intelligence , depth and your want and willingness to do good. I am 21 and in a quarter life crisis and could very well be in a rut these days. I am interested in so many things that following just one looks like a bad idea and i resort to doing nothing , and just like that there goes another day. My favorite movie is 'fight club' (man i don't even know what's relevant anymore) So going by this , any idea ? My Ennegram is 5w4 btw. PS: Sorry for the length :P

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    Hmm, I would say INTP (I'm an INFP myself, and you don't sound like me, but you sound a lot like my best friend, who's an INTP). You seem to be an introvert with thinking trait to me; however, I can try to help more, if you can answer these questions:
    About the introvert/extrovert thing - do you enjoy meeting new people and being in social situations? Does being around people exhaust you? Are you the life of the party, or you prefer to avoid parties/stay aside when attending one?
    About the thinking/feeling - is the truth or the emotions of the people involved in a conflict more important to you? Do people describe you as cold/harsh towards them? Can you identify other people's emotions?

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    I see. Well to answer the questions , i'm not sure about the E or I. It really depends. I will not usually initiate a conversation (unless the person seems really interesting) , because it's mostly small talk happening around me (i am surrounded by ESXJs and ESXPs , don't know a single N) , but if someone says something remotely interesting or outrageous , and if i happen to hear that , i will not shut up. I do enjoy meeting people i guess , i'm interested in getting to know new people and understand how they function would be a better thing to say than 'enjoy' , it's more of a learning process for me. In parties i will stay aside usually , it takes a little time for me to open up , and i kinda do care how others percieve me even though i say i don't , since i need to come off as 'awesome' all the time , so yes i care about my image. Also if i am at a party i'm enjoying , i will not want to go home. I can be out for 12 hours and still want to stay , provided that i am enjoying. And people play a big part too , if i like them i'm very different , and if i don't , well then i'm indifferent. Truth , period. And yes have been called harsh a lot of times , since i do not censor myself at all. Sounds introverted , but the weird thing here is , that i love to talk , provided the topic is interesting enough. I absolutely will not shut up, it doesn't even matter if i know the person or not , i'll just keep on talking. Also i prefer one on one conversations , and group discussions only if it's a brainstorming session. And regardless of the type i might be , i think i might be stuck in a tertiary-inferior function loop , because life , and because of the uninspired boring conventionlists and religious looneys that surround me , and suck the life out of me with their herd mentality notions of 'right' and 'wrong'. Also i do have kind of a superiority complex , but i will come to really respect you if you can flaw my logic or provide good insight , debate without getting butthurt , or if you are a 'passion person' (absolutely love them). So does that help ? :P
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    I'd say ENTP, because the "silent until being comfortable talking with cool people about an interesting topic and then never stopping" is pretty telling of dominant Ne.

    You could aks yourself: What is my primary mode of operation in which I feel best?
    Is it that state where you are hyperactive, where the ideas flow and you are thinking about brilliant stuff that you feel the need/want to share discuss about (Ne-Fe dominant -> ENTP).
    Or is it a state of logical analysis, of deepness, without bullshit about dumb people, where things are consistent and where accuracy is the primary focus (Ti-Si dominant -> INTP).
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    If we go by that , i would definitely be an ENTP.


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