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This is a discussion on What's My Type Questionnaire within the What's my personality type? forums, part of the Personality Cafe category; Hello, I did the test! Thank you in advance to anyone who wants to read it! personalitycafe.com/whats-my-personality-type/1206106-keep-asking-if-i-typed-right.html...

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    Hello, I did the test! Thank you in advance to anyone who wants to read it!

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    Here's mine :)

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    Here's mine!!!

    remove the brackets- I'm too new right now to post links, so...

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    Here you go: https://personalitycafe.com/whats-my-...hink-i-am.html

    Questionnaire is on the second page, btw.

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    Here is mine


    Remove the brackets.

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    I'd like some input from people who know well of cognitive functions. Here are my answers to questionnaire: personalitycafe.com/whats-my-personality-type/1283079-confused-about-my-type.html

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    Here you go :

    "just want to be judged by a keen eye (to be a bit more certain)"


    hope you could have a clear vision ,and put my mind at EASE!

    (thanks for making this Questionnaire)

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    I believe two clashing of belief questions may be more redundant than necessary since this test is only ten questions.

    I think there should be a question that helps decipher more between inuition and sensing. If you are watching a movie, do you tend to be absorbed in what might happen next or do you find it hard to watch movies because you always guess the outcome. Or something like how far do you plan in the future? A friend wants to plan a trip; do you get absorbed in the details of each day or are you energized by the possibilities.

    Just my humble thoughts.

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    Quite interesting

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    for some reason I did not succeed

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