I am confused.... enlighten me

I am confused.... enlighten me

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    I am confused.... enlighten me

    Okay, so I had never even heard of socionics before joining this site like two weeks ago. Iíve often been dissatisfied with Myers-Briggs even while Iíve been obsessing over it. Iím a INFP for sure and certain using that scale, but I havenít been able to find much reliable info online about socionics. Does the fact that Iím a Myers Briggs INFP mean that I am an INFp? What does that mean? How is socionics structured? I am very intruigued. What Iíve seen of it looks interesting. If anybody has some good resources or articles or can just explain it to me, itíd be very much appreciated. I know little to nothing, so you all have the chance to indoctrinate me with your views on the matter, and Iíll believe you forever, unless I later discover that you are wrong. Everybody knows that the first opinion is always the right one, unless proven otherwise. So Iím counting on you guys. Show me why Socionics is better than MBTI.


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