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I'm bad at socionics

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This is a discussion on I'm bad at socionics within the What's my Socionics type? forums, part of the Socionics Forum category; Originally Posted by tanstaafl28 @ Suntide CONGRATS! you're not alone. Anyone who says the're good at Socionics is lying. Instead ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by tanstaafl28 View Post

    CONGRATS! you're not alone. Anyone who says the're good at Socionics is lying. Instead of simplifying personality typing, I think it makes it 100 times more complex. It's like trying to understand Quantum mechanics. You start to understand part of it, than the other part of it slips out of your mind like a greased pig. I have no idea what your type is, btw.
    Each type has so many different attributes that depending on which ones you look at, you can end up at way different types too. So whatever type you think you are at the moment could easily have to do with the part of Socionics that is temporarily in your brain
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    Quote Originally Posted by Suntide
    It's hard since I can relate to both types of Feeling in general! I can honestly relate to many aspects of both of those descriptors of Fe and Fi. Ugh, I feel like I give so much conflicting information lol. I am very opinionated and stubborn, and yet around most people I don't even express it because I care so much about being liked and avoiding confrontation. Emotions can just be so complex. I just want to maintain a calm, neutral inner equilibrium that's not too upset in one direction*or*the other (as in too happy*or*too sad--both are stressful to me).
    Everything you're saying makes sense, don't know how to categorize it though :////
    There are just so many factors that go into how one experiences and deals with emotions, Socionics things are just one layer that can be very difficult to separate from the rest.

    Sounds like it could be your 6 and connection to 9?
    Enneagram stands out more to me here than Socionics

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    At all of the above--Yeah, that's exactly how I'm feeling about socionics. If MBTI errs on the side of being too vague at times, socionics is doing the exact opposite. There are so many models and dichotomies and subtypes and visual elements and layers upon layers that it's so narrow and there are so many different parts that I can relate to, but none of them "fit together" into just one of the types. I've even seen socionics descriptions that describe how each type walks a different way. Walking. I'm not even sure how that's related to personality in the first place!

    I'm not too worried about picking out "the exact perfect type" since, like MBTI and other forms of typology, I mostly just view it as a game or hobby nowadays rather than something that's supposed to explain my own personality to me/give me an identity. Though it would be nice to have the best fit for me picked out so I can throw it in my profile. LOL. I'll have to just think it over for and try to figure out which "pieces" of the theory to give more weight when trying to pick my best-fit type. At the very least, for now I feel pretty confident on some flavor of Ethical type. Maybe the rest will piece itself together the less I actively think about it.

    Quote Originally Posted by sweet morphine View Post
    Sounds like it could be your 6 and connection to 9?
    Enneagram stands out more to me here than Socionics
    I definitely agree with this. I think some people are simply better "explained" through one theory over another. I've always been more easily able to relate to my enneagram type/tritype than MBTI (and socionics, clearly, lol!)
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