I'm doing the alternative questionnaire, so here's that.

I'm doing the alternative questionnaire, so here's that.

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    I'm doing the alternative questionnaire, so here's that.

    As @Entropic suggested I do a questionnaire and @ALongTime suggested this one, I'm posting this here. Good luck having the patience to anyone who's going to try and read it. :D

    1) What do you do for a living and/or study and how did you come to choose or not choose that vocation and/or study?
    I am a young graphical/web designer. I have studied art/ design for the past 12 years. I attended a Textile Design department of the high school I got into, and it was a harsh, but wonderful and very valuable time. I learned a lot of things there, from basic design and composition principles to different interesting textile techniques to use in my projects.

    For my qualification work there I was making a bed linen set, printed with funny quotes that our teachers had said... The work required me dividing the text blocks in 3 parts, printing the text on different pieces of cloth and sewing it back together so that the letters are precisely put together and legible. My supervisor/teacher looked at my idea and said that she highly doubts that I could make something like that. One of my classmates who was standing near (and with who at the time i didn’t have a particularly warm relationship) looked at the teacher and said: „Aniso CAN do it. Believe me.” – And I did. :)

    Anyway, now I am in the Art Academy, also textile department. As much as I have always loved beautiful works of art and the detailed, interesting compositions I’ve seen in textile art exhibitions, I am very much struggling with studying there. Making art is just SO impractical and, if one wants to work as a textile artist for their career, at least in my country, there’s almost no way one can make a decent living with that. And so, I have come to the point that I’m doing small graphical design and web-design works in my spare time. I am really enjoying this and, as I have always liked working in the digital creative programs (Photoshop, Illustrator) and as lately I have had a chance to learn other programs, too, I am enjoying the working process and hope to only get better with time. (as for how I got to choose the studies... I have always liked creative works, drawing and crafty things, so when I was transferring to another elementary school, my parents found one that was art-related...from there on, I always saw design as my potential career and went on to study it.)

    2) What are your interests and hobbies?
    My favorite hobby is dancing. It is one thing that makes me feel good almost always, no matter the circumstances. I have tried a few styles of dance – hip-hop, flamenco, which seemed a bit too dramatic for me...though I love it nevertheless, salsa/bachata/kizomba/etc. latino and afro dances. For now, I have stuck with the latter ones, I just love the music, sunny atmosphere, fun workshops, festivals, variety of moves and styles, and the positive feelings one gets when dancing. :) It’s relaxing and a way I can distract myself from other things.

    Other hobbies and interests include watching movies and cooking with loved ones and friends, making jewellery or sometimes sewing something for myself. But otherwise, I like the idea of „i make money by doing what I love most/my hobby”...kinda hope the design work will turn out like that. :3

    3) What have people seen as your weaknesses? What do you dislike about yourself?
    Others have remarked on my sense of time - inability to stick to the timetable I’ve made and not doing something on time...I get distracted sometimes, but I’m working on it and, I think, getting a bit better. Some people have said that I take everything too seriously, that I am too „correct” (in a sense that I didn’t drink alcohol or smoke when I was a teenager and didn’t conform to others’ teenage-fun-ideas and stuff, and almost never did I skip classes and worry too much about everything not being perfect). Other people have told me to „STOP analyzing everything, stop thinking so much!”, and all I can do is reply – „but I don’t even notice that I do it.” Though lately I’ve been better with the „just live” thing. Yay.

    What do I dislike about myself – most of the things I already listed in the reply of this question... And I wish I could be a bit more organized. I’m a bit of a chaotic person. I would like to be able to keep my desk and working area neat and clean, but ...well, I guess it just isn’t possible while working. I tidy it up and it stays tidy while I’m not working. When a new project comes up – there’s papers, markers, books, materials everywhere. But oh well, I’ve heard somebody say that they only go to designers whose desks are a mess – because that means they’re working. :) (this is a way how one can comfort themself for this matter...)

    4) What have people seen as your strengths? What do you like about yourself?
    People have highly valued my help for my sense of responsibility – if I’m given a job, I will do it as good, as perfectly as I can. I like helping others. Some people have seen my skills/knowledge as my strength – at school I was the „smart kid”, from who classmates asked for homeworks to copy. Now I love helping others by teaching them how to do something – how to dance, how to do something in Photoshop, where to find ingredients for something or how to make that delicious cake they ate at my place.

    What do I like about myself? – I like when I am successful at something that I do. I love when I make something and it turns out beautiful or tasty, or useful, and other people like it. I like my ability to be precise when needed – for instance, I can make confectionary things like muffins, cakes, etc., because I have the patience to measure everything and stick to the recipe. I like my ability to be creative, to generate some ideas when needed. I love to find somebody who can do a task that another person is in need of and then introduce them to one another (like find an artist whose style will fit another person’s up-coming wedding’s present, etc).

    5) In what areas of your life would you like help?
    I like if others can help me calm down. I am a very emotional person and I like if there’s somebody who can patiently listen to what I have to say and tell me if what I’m worrying about is nonesense or something worth worrying about (though lol, I can distinguish those things myself for the most part). I also like asking people for opinions on what should I do in a situation, then consider them all, think of what I’d do myself, and come to a conclusion. I like keeping a variety of options open.

    I like if somebody helps me by taking care of me when I’m in a stressful period of work, like – at the mid-year assessments and exams, or before showing the finished work to a client...if somebody reminds me to get enough sleep and brings me something yummy to eat when I don’t have time to get something myself. Somebody who can tell me that I’m doing fine and everything will be alright (because I can sometimes get seriously stressed out about stuff that could go wrong / and if something actually goes wrong).

    6) What are your religious or spiritual beliefs and perspectives?
    I believe that there exists a higher force (God), but I am not religious and am not a constant part of any religious congregation, at least for now. I went to listen to a before-initiation course at the Lutheran church I’m baptized in when I had a load of questions in my head, it was interesting, but I kind of didn’t feel sure enough to go to the initiation and become a member of the parish. For now, I like the philosophy I know from some of my close ones – to believe in God and to ‘talk’ to him on my own, not go to a church and make it overly dramatic or ceremonious.

    I believe that everything a person does comes back to them in a way – I have noticed that many, many times in mine and other people’s lives. Call it God’s will, karma or whatever, but it definitely works.

    7) What did you do last Friday?
    Last Friday I started working on a new, nice project. In the evening I went to a salsa dance party to meet with a friend I haven’t seen for a long time. It was a wonderful evening and after the party the friend, my boyfriend and I went to a local (kinda folk-ish themed) pub for a beer. It was a bit noisy there at the time and so – hard to talk to one another, but it still was nice.

    8) Is this restaurant run properly?
    If there’s a plesasant atmosphere, the waiters look like they’re feeling good and are alright, if the food is good and there aren’t problems with people waiting too long for their food to arrive (so long that they’re getting angry, I mean), and the place is clean and tidy, I’d say it’s run properly. If not, then I guess something’s off and the responsible persons should look into it and do something asap. If I get my food on a dirty dish, I’m going to go to the staff and ask for a clean one, if that changes anything. :D

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    Don't see anything that seems to strongly disagree with IEE.


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