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Here are some of my quick thoughts and I'll try not to overlap what everyone else has been saying.

1. You mentioned being unsure about the I, because spending time with really close friends will recharge your batteries. That is actually a pretty good indication that you are in fact an I. Introverts are not, by their nature, loners. They have friends, they just tend toward much smaller circles of much closer friends. Also, remember that we live in an extroverted society, so all Introverts will learn a measure of extroverted behaviour to survive in our world.

2. Regarding N vs S. The cheat sheet I use for that usually boils down to context. When you look at something are you immediately taking in direct information or are you trying to skip ahead to contextual information. I once had a teacher pull two chairs of different sizes (one was a fancy computer chair, the other a cheap industrial one) and ask the class to describe what they noticed. Most people in the classroom described how the chairs looked (brown, expensive, blue, tall, short). Those are traditional S responses. I answered that it looked like the chairs were angled in such a way that you had one person in a dominant position and another in a more submissive one. Reading into the hypothetical context of the situation is a very N response. That's usually the quick and dirty way that I determine the difference.

Hope that helps! :)
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