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Thank you :)
You may be right. The feeling seems to be deeper down, somewhere in an older part of me.
Is it possible that my "original" type (if there is such a thing xD) is INFJ, while after years of developing Ti, that I've learnt to behave like an INTP?
I find that I might be either in different situations, so I would like to ask: is it possible for a person to be two types at the same time?

INTP: Ti, Ne, Si, Fe
INFJ: Ni, Fe, Ti, Se

Both Fe and Ti seem to suit me, but would the order matter if even the tertiary function can be well-developed enough to be mistaken for the dominant one? o:

Does ISFJ come into the picture at all? :)

One more thing, does thinking about people and their behaviour belong to Thinking or Feeling?
Your answers sound more like a feeler.
I'd say have a look at INFJ because the Ti+Fe functions are close and they often misidentify as INTPs,
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